2019: Alternative Community Experiences


In 2019, we decided to begin our journey of creating experimental experiences by starting with exploring conversations as an experiential arts medium in our very own living room. Because conversations are had by groups of people in a specific place, the sub-themes of community and space emerged naturally.

Our experiences were created as attempts to explore the relationship between conversation, community and space. How does the kind of conversations affect the community formed? How does the composition of the community affect conversation? How does space affect conversation? How many kinds of spaces can we create to for community and conversation?

Here's what we've created in trying to answer all these questions and beyond. Click on the project to read more!

(P.S: All our experiences can be presented in either English or Mandarin 😉 )


What if there was a space to have deep, intellectual and non-dining table friendly topics like gender identity or capitalism?

Armchair Discussions


Sundays, the awkward part of the weekend, where we still desire company, but are too tired to party. Yet we are not quite ready to get back to the grind. Is there something we can fill up the time with? Something meaningful?

Something Sundays is the answer to that.

One Sunday every month, we organize 'something' which brings people together. Every Sunday is a little different; the only constants are: people, food and conversation.

Screening Sunday

Sharing Sunday

Screaming Sunday

Story Sunday

What is Empori?

Empori is library and studio for experimental experiences. We curate and create experiences that explore the possibilities of world, self and life.

All our works are anchored on our core values: Curiosity · Awe · Wonder

We like to explore all kinds of mediums for experiences, everything from a communities and conversations to games and shows and everything in between. In fact the 'in between' is the part we are most fascinated by. Hence 'experimental experiences'.

Check out the detailed explanation here.